Nithya Chellam is inviting you to

10 zoom calls of 90 Minutes each

"HOW TO BECOME MONEY" program is based on an Access Consciousness book written by Gary Douglas. It is designed to shift one's financial realities and relationship with money. Many of us percieve money as something just physical. What if we were able to perceive it as an energy? When you understand and relate to money as energy ,life gets simple . And when you know how to become the energy of money you are nothing less than a magician who knows how to turn around financial realities.

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Invitation to Attend "How to become Money Workbook" Calls with Nithya Chellam

A 10 Zoom call Series Based on How to Become Money Workbook

+ Money Energy Pulls

Did you know a relationship with money is easier than with people ? Since money does not have emotions like people. And money actually likes you and is willing to be with you.

*Recommended to buy How to become Money workbook by Gary Douglas for the Call

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